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Just some of our flavors!

We have the BEST cookies and Brownies in town. They sell out quick so please place your orders 24 hours in advance. 




Only found here! We can make any cake your heart desires!



Chocolate Sea Salt

Chocolate Sea Salt Walnut

Chocolate Chunk (most popular)

Chocolate Chunk Pecan

Chocolate Chunk Dipped with Sprinkles

Strawberry Cake Cookies

Mango Cake Cookies

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cake Cookies

Shortbread - Cracked Pepper & Lemon

Shortbread - Lemon Glazed


Vanilla Bean

Chocolate Truffle

Blue Coconut

Chocolate Turtle


Chocolate Pecan


What's For Breakfast Maple French Toast and Bacon Cupcake:

Fantastic Maple French toast and Bacon Cupcake with a maple syrup buttercream frosting, topped with a candied piece of bacon.


Me & My Dad Blue Coconut Cupcake:

Incredible and Moist, coconut cream cupcake with a crazy good blue coconut buttercream frosting and topped with coconut.


Puerto Rican Vacation Caramelized Balsamic Sweet Plantain Cupcake:

Deliciously caramelized plantains cooked in a balsamic brown-sugar, vanilla bean glaze, baked in a sweet cream batter, with caramel buttercream and topped with balsamic pearls.


Symphony's Fancy Ruby Slipper:

A red velvet dream cake, with slight notes of cocoa and vanilla, with a cream cheese frosting and topped with red ruby sparkles.


Why Bother Incredible vanilla bean cupcake with a creamy, melt in your mouth vanilla bean frosting.


Eddie Monster Monster Energy and Pop Rocks Cupcake:

A vanilla citrus cupcake, full of Monstrous Energy, to keep you running all day. Topped with a vanilla citrus buttercream frosting, and a sweet kick of molecular power.


Get your groove back Chocolate Truffle:

A dreamy, dark chocolate cupcake with a fudge ganache, and chocolate cloud frosting, topped with chocolate covered sunflower seeds.


Stacey's Sweet Potato Pie Cupcake A yummy sweet potato cupcake with marshmallow buttercream, topped with pecan, and pie crust.


Ramona's ZEN room:

The Ying and Yang of a perfect harmony of flavors. Chocolate and vanilla swirl cupcake, with vanilla or chocolate buttercream, and chocolate or vanilla chips. Shows you just how well opposites attract.


Hollys Haunted Huckleberry:

You can't escape the bursting flavor of summer ripe huckleberries and cream from this delicious treat! It will haunt your cravings that no sage can cure.


Peanut's PB&J:

This handsome Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcake will knock your socks off with the Moist and de-lish, peanut butter cupcake, a fantastic jam filling, peanut buttercream frosting, with a jelly drizzle, and peanut topping. This cupcake should be signed in as LAW at every party!


Butterfly Cosmo Pink Coconut Martini Cupcake:

A fabulous coconut cupcake with coconut vodka buttercream frosting with pink glitter. FANCY SMANCY!


Baby Boo Bear Honey Walnut Cupcake:

Incredible and moist, flavorful honey walnut cupcake, with a honey buttercream frosting, topped with candied walnuts, and honey cream drizzle.

Oatmeal Cookie Cupcake:

Incredible oatmeal cookie bottom with a moist oatmeal cookie cupcake topped with a cinnamon vanilla buttercream, and cinnamon sprinkle.


Faux-stess Cupcake:

Yummy devil food cake with a dark chocolate ganache, and that little memorable curly Q swirl of vanilla cream on top.


Monkey Snuggles:

Crazy bananas foster cupcake made with caramelized bananas, brown sugar, topped with caramelized banana buttercream, and creamy salted caramel drizzle.


Granny Litas Garden: Strawberry Rhubarb cupcake, sweet and tart, with strawberry rhubarb cream cheese frosting.


The Salsa Dancer:

Spicy Jalapeno, peach, and mango cupcake with vanilla frosting, topped with spicy candy.


Ode to Ola:

A moist Nutella and peanut butter cupcake with banana buttercream and topped with peanut butter chips. Perfect for that fancy lady who likes a fancy lunch.


The JAWS cupcake:

Red velvet insanity topped with crazy blue coconut buttercream water, mini jaws sharks, and choco rocks...quite a scary cupcake.


Whos your Daddy Dads Rootbeer cupcake:

With call your momma now, yes its that's good, root beer buttercream.


Biggies Welch's Grape Sour grape cupcake:

Biggie asked for cake with light sour grape cream cheese frosting, and a sour grape drizzle fit for the king of NY.

Ambers Avocado Concoction:

The best avocado cupcake around with avocado buttercream, too divine to talk about.


The Memphis Sizzle:

Holy WOWZER - It's been said that Elvis has bought this before he left the building. A cool bacon peanut butter cupcake with a peanut butter ganache, topped with banana buttercream, and candied superstar bacon gems....he would have loved it!


Strawberry Mango Lets Tango:

Delightful fresh tango dance for your senses...strawberry mango cake topped with vanilla or our famous Mascarpone cream cheese, bite-size fresh bits of mango, strawberry, and nectar of deliciousness for your serious love affair.


Bubble Gumps:

A vanilla bubble gum cupcake topped with whippy vanilla bubblegum buttercream, and a cotton candy bubblegum topper, and party time sprinkles of goodness.


Cotton Candy:

Like a carnival of flavor dancing on your taste buds. Sweet cotton candy cupcake with cotton candy buttercream.


Bonkers in Yonkers:

A creamy dark chocolate cupcake, with purple raspberry cream cheese frosting, a perfect tattoo for your tongue, and your heart. Love at first, second and third bite. YUM!


Sebastian's Study Break:

Awesome orange dream cupcake with orange zest cream cheese frosting, perfect when you need that zip of citrus scent to help you retain your studies, kissed with orange glossy goodness.


Georgia on my mind Peaches and sweet cream cupcake:

Natural peaches infused into this creamy cake batter. Take it to the next level with peaches and cream cheese frosting, and a drizzle of peach puree.


Scarlett's Strawberry Lemonade:

A refreshing lemonade cupcake with fresh cut strawberries, strawberry lemonade buttercream, and a fresh strawberry mountain on top. Save the best for last!


Barbie's Pink Champagne Cupcake:  Bubbles of fizz to tickle your fancy, glitter, sprinkles, and all.


Stefan's Hot Chocolate:

A delicious vanilla bean cupcake with chocolate truffles and homemade marshmallow fluff topping and fudge drizzle.


The King Chocolate Guinness and pretzel cupcake:

Creamy Stout beer buttercream topped with marshmallow foam and pretzels.


Toots Taro:

Beautiful purple taro cupcake with sweet cream and taro buttercream. Luscious!


Cashy's Guava Jelly:

Yummmm - Guava jelly cake with guava nectar cream cheese frosting. Brings you to a tropical oasis.


Pineapples! Pineapples! Crushed Pineapple cake:

Dreamy caramelized pineapple buttercream, topped with a sweet maraschino cherry.


Grandads Smack In The Kisser Lemon tart cupcake with zest, juice, just to sock you in the kisser. A cake any Fajah would love. 

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